What is the GoMotive Remote Trainer?

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GoMotive gives health and fitness services the power to diagnose and serve clients on a remote basis, matching science to conditions to optimize outcomes.

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  • Michael Richards


    We sold our 5th app this week.

    You can now have your own private label app for $350/month with no set up fees-but you have to commit in November.

    Rebecca McGrane of Authentic Health Development is our fifth app purchaser. She is creating New Year’s Health Promotions. Her clients get their own health app to start the new year, with several different remote training options.

    By the time your app launches in December you can sell progressive workouts and manage the intake process online. You can integrate our new remote diagnostics system, and more.

    Contact me for details or references from Jay Morgan, Mike Killian, Sandi Silagi, Reggie Clements, Rebecca McGrane.

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