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The GoMotive Story

The Problem

Trainers are looking for new revenue and cannot train more than 8 hours a day. Gyms and health clubs must “go beyond the walls” to survive as they lose up to 50% of their members every year. Rehab pros lose one time patients they want to convert into long term clients.

The Solution

Give health and fitness pros the power to virtualize their services, matching conditions to science to improve outcomes. Let practitioners create proprietary treatment protocols using GoMotive, Gray Insitute, or their own content. Engage clients with remote diagnostics, proprietary workouts, personalized guidance, and the attention clients now expect in the mobile world.

The Benefits

GoMotive offers a turnkey client management system with Goals, Intake, Assessment, Workouts, Habits, Nutrition and Results as its focus. The web and mobile apps keep every practitioner connected to their clients. Every client receives a mobile health and fitness solution to track their progress in meeting training or rehab goals.

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Why GoMotive Matters

Our Mission

Match conditions to science to improve outcomes. Create the data analytics to improve the practice of rehab medicine, training, and coaching.

What We Know

Outcomes based healthcare is coming. Consumers are measuring themselves, assessing their providers, and expecting results. Mobile technology will disrupt these industries.

What We Believe

GoMotive builds long term connections, new revenue streams, and access to new markets.

“You can serve your clients one at a time, or serve a thousand live and online.
telehealth and remote training are at their tipping point.”

Michael Richards

The team

Our experts

Medical Advisors

  • Brian Graham GoMotive Medical Advisor

    Brian advises GoMotive on the foundations and mechanics of physical health. Founder of the Graham Rehabilitation Center, Brian leads an – Read more 

  • Ann Lucado, PT, PhD, CHT GoMotive Wrist Advisor

    Ann is a physical therapist and certified hand therapist specializing in upper extremity and orthopedic rehabilitation for over 20 years. She is currently as an… Read more

  • Tim L. Uhl, PhD, ATC, PT, FNATA GoMotive Shoulder Expert

    Tim L. Uhl advises GoMotive on shoulder rehabilitation program. Tim is a professor at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences – Read more

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