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Why Gomotive?

Remote therapy and online training is here to stay. Health and fitness practitioners that have a branded mobile presence retain clients wherever they are and wherever they live. Clients expect online instruction and workouts, want feedback, and will share their assessment of your services through a mobile device. GoMotive offers a complete app to stay connected and deliver content to keep your clients exercising on vacation, at home, or even if they move away. Our evidence-based protocols and messaging systems build customer satisfaction, even while meeting evolving insurance requirements.

How much does GoMotive costs

GoMotive is free when you sign up, with access to all features with yourself as a client. To serve your clients and build your practice select a paid plan. Our platinum program is the most popular because clients see your logo and receive automated communications and other marketing features that help retain clients and build referrals.

Who Uses GoMotive

Thousands of personal trainers, athletic trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and chiropractors from around the world use GoMotive. They often move from competing software systems to our platform because of our mobile client engagement apps, and because they can create (or upload existing) libraries of exercises, templates, workouts, and news all from their mobile phone. They also find us incredibly receptive to good ideas.

What kind of software is this?

GoMotive operatoes from HIPAA compliant servers on the cloud, delivering HD video, so a stable internet connection is needed.
We offer a native app on iOS and Android that places your clients a single tap away from their Workouts.

What browsers do you support

GoMotive supports all the major internet browsers,  Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

What can I create?


Workouts are specific health & fitness programs you create for an individual or group that contain dedicated instruction with a place for your clients to track their progress. Workouts can contain a series of progressions you set for a day, or week, or longer, and are scheduled directly into your clients calendars.


Kickstarts are free Workouts you create to engage prospective clients and help existing customers. They help build your brand and introduce your services to an increasingly picky audience. They offer a great place to give clients a preview of your services, your philosophy, and your qualifications.


News is where you can:

  • Announce changes to your Practice
  • Keep Clients informed
  • Promote new Services

You can create News on the fly from your mobile phone, schedule a promotion that pings your clients the day it starts and disappears the day it ends.

Workout Creation Tools

What's in exercise library?

Our Exercise Library consists of:

  • 300 GoMotive Exercises – focusing on Rehab and Wellness
  • 6000 Gray Institute Exercises – focusing on Rehab, Personal Training
  • Exercises created by Practitioners who share their work
  • Your Exercises – Make them private to your Practice or publish them for use by Practitioners around the world.
My Exercises?

GoMotive is unique in letting you build your own personal library of custom Exercise videos which are integrated in the Library complete with tags and filters to easily find them.
Create custom videos and prescribe them directly from your mobile device, adding sets and reps, distance or duration. You can create client specific and HIPAA compliant programs, create your own branded exercise system just for your own clients, or share your programs globally to build a new customer base.

How long does a workout take to create?

Most practitioners set up Progressive Workouts to save time, often cloning and tweaking them to create a library of templates they re-use with new clients.

What is the Client Experience?

How do Clients Sign up?

You’ll invite your clients by E-mail to join your Practice. Using a link in the invitation email, they’ll be prompted to set a password. But you can also Embed our Sign In/Sign Up feature directly in your own website to attract new clients.

How do Clients Access GoMotive?
Clients can use our web app or our native apps-either iOS or Android. If you purchase your own app of course it will be your own app on the app store that they download. If you added our embedded URL on your website, they can access the web app that way as well. Once they login our system remembers their password and reminders take them directly to the app to workout.

Monitoring, Security & Compliance

Can I monitor or approve Workouts my Practitioners create for my Clients?

Instruct your practitioners to create Workouts for their Client as normal but save as “Drafts.” Then on your own account select Clients and find the client in question and select them and then “Draft Workouts”. You can then view, edit, and publish.

What about HIPAA Compliance?

GoMotive is HIPAA compliant and ensures privacy by using cloud-based HIPAA-certified server farms and state-of-art encryption techniques. GoMotive practitioners that follow our policies can also ensure health-related communications with their patients meet HIPAA standards.

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