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Gray Institute

Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. This information and education is delivered in a variety of formats, including the institute’s video library, Remote Trainer, live events, certifications, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and other functional products and equipment. Gray Institute® was the first partner to use the Trainers App.

GoMotive: The Remote Trainer App for Trainers

Dynamic Health and Fitness

Since 2001, DHF has motivated clients to meet their fitness goals–weight loss, movement function, speed, strength and more. In 2016 they went virtual so clients could access their DHF personal trainer whenever and wherever they happened to be. DHF Fit private labelled the trainers app to help their clients track their progress and achieve personal goals on-line with methods and systems that have been honed over the last two decades.


Elite Velocity

Elite Velocity helps athletes avoid injuries that end careers before they’ve begun. Serving professional baseball players, professional scouts, and young athletes for over 20 years, Mike Killian and Jon Myers virtualized their Saint Louis training facility in 2016 with an integrated remote diagnosis, analysis and training system using the Trainers App. Using Motus sensor technology, Elite Velocity helps athletes visualize their condition and the required conditioning to excel well beyond their expectations.


Core Centric Trainer

Movement specialists Sandi Silagi and Michelle Reed have transformed the lives of clients on renowned Vashon Island for over 20 years. Their personalized services to improve movement, lose weight or improve speed, strength and agility are now available online, wherever and whenever they are needed.


Alternative Fitness Concepts

Reggie Clements has transformed the lives of his California clients for over 28 years. Personalized services to improve health, build strength, and help clients lose weight are now available on his own app using the Trainers App. These methods now include online consultation, nutrition counseling, mobility, stability, postural and age reduction training.



Uses GoMotive?

The Trainers App for Trainers, Coaches, Rehab

Personal trainers who maxed out their studio memberships or serve snow birds.
Gyms that know they have to go beyond the walls to survive.
Baseball coaches who use Motus sensor tech to help athletes visualize oncoming injuries.
Physical Therapists who convert self-discharging patients to personal training clients.
Chiropractors who know home exercise plans are central to patient recovery.
All of these practitioners are creating paying subscriptions and selling online workouts.

GoMotive-The Trainers App

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