• "The new Remote Trainer is a great tool to engage clients when you're short on time but big on compliance and tracking. I do arm rehab for renowned Orthopedic Surgeons in the STL area and I am the High School Director for the Rawlings Xtreme baseball club. The “Remote Trainer” allows me to treat single clients as well as 100+ players in the club by providing each individual their own fully customized workout wherever they are, and provide instant feedback not possible before…I have the capability to continuously enhance/update their workout based on their individual progress!"

    Mike Killian Personal Trainer, Owner at Elite Velocity St. Louis, MO
  • "Best software I've seen in 25 years in the business. It offers the best combinations of videos that I can chose from for my clients and the amount of progressions--showing the angles of different views of the exercise."

    Kathleen Speno Personal Trainer, Owner of Speno Personal Fitness Savannah, GA
  • "I've studied all the exercise software out there, and GoMotive hit a home run with Version 2. The science of assessing movement deficiencies can be complicated but GoMotive made it simple. We can now offer Virtual Training services using their software."  

    Jay Morgan Personal Trainer, Owner at Dynamic Health and Fitness Baldwinsville, NY
  • "I've been using the GoMotive software for the last 6 months. GoMotive makes my job as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach a lot easier and it saves me a ton of time. Earlier it used to take me 2 hours to create a training program, and now I'm done in 10 minutes if I'm working slow!"

    Fredrik Johansson Personal Trainer at Gagner Training Katrineholm, Sweden
  • "Love using the site! So far my first 10 active users really like it and have used it to get moving towards our work out goals."  

    Steve Topham Chiropractor, Anchorage, AK
  • "Love using the site! So far my first 10 active users really like it and have used it to get moving towards our work out goals."

    Tom De Salvo Chiropractor Anchorage, AK
  • "We have been able to start using Remote Trainer this month and our clients are delighted with it.”

    Sandi Silagi Personal Trainer, Owner of Core Centric Elite Vashon, WA
  • "It is phenomenal software that offers all that we need in order for our clients to perform exercises safely each time. The progress tracking attached is a huge bonus towards accountability for our clients."

    Kris Stokes GoMotive Remote Trainer Customers - Personal Trainer, Owner at Custom Fitness Amarillo, TX
  • "I have been thinking about creating an app before I saw GoMotive. I find your app to be very complete and well thought out. Looking forward to the new changes."

    Reggie Clements GoMotive Remote Trainer Customers - Personal Trainer, Owner of Alternative Fitness Concepts Santa Monica, CA
  • "GoMotive has the technology to dramatically enhance the way we prescribe home programs."

    Mike Cicero GoMotive Remote Trainer Customers - Physical Therapist at Burger Rehab Sacramento, CA
  • "I think GoMotive nailed it!”

    Brian Graham GoMotive Remote Trainer Customers - Rehab Specialist, Owner of Graham Rehab Seattle, WA
  • "I absolutely love it!! I feel like it's really easy to use and easy to understand!"

    Ruth Henseler Personal Trainer, Owner of Bring it Home Fitness Marshfield, WI
  • "I did my first workout tonight. It reminded me of boot camp. I like it...I feel motivated"

    Client using GoMotive
  • "Great program, it is helping me immensely."

    Client using GoMotive

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