Step up Your Game

Create, share, and prescribe exercises from 6,000+ rehab and training videos, and evidence-based protocols created by national rehab experts. Create your own videos and online workouts for individuals or groups. Link to other professionals to create a health and fitness network branded to your Practice.

The Practitioner App

The Consumer App

Your Own Branded App

Clients get your “app”, set goals, report in, and view their health and fitness report. Only your clients get the goods, giving them a reason to stay connected to you, through GoMotive.

Increase Revenues

Every new or retained client = a minimum of $500 to $1,000 in Customer Lifetime Value. The GoMotive Virtual Trainer builds a network that keeps referrals coming by linking to physicians, personal and athletic trainers, Physical Therapists, coaches and Wellness providers. Thousands have signed up. Why wait until the competition catches you?



Retain Clients

Patients self-discharge and clients don’t re-schedule. Engage your clients with free workouts or create your own. Appointment requests now take just two clicks. Promotional videos announce specials and services. Calculate new revenues by viewing the GoMotive Revenue Calculator.